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Argos Watches Apollo series II Apollo2 Argos Mens mechanical watch Watch for men


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Argos was founded with the aim of providing both premium and affordable mechanical watches, driven by the founders' search for timepieces that catered to enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Apart from a few vintage Indian brands, the options in this segment were limited. The brand emerged from a deep-rooted passion for watchmaking and a reverence for its historical significance in a time when electricity was not yet commonplace.

Mechanical watches have endured rigorous testing and have proven their resilience, longevity, and functionality over decades, and in some cases, even centuries. The advent of the quartz crisis in the 1970s revolutionized traditional watchmaking, flooding the market with quartz movements and distancing them from the handcrafted precision of mechanical timepieces. At Argos Watches, our mission is to make a significant impact on the Indian market by offering premium yet accessible watches that allow all admirers of this exquisite art of horology to relish the era of manually wound and automatic movements. Our designs are inspired by the timeless aesthetics of renowned brands such as Omega, Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, IWC, Longines, Eterna, Jaeger Le-Coultre, and other pioneers in the industry.

When you hold an Argos watch in your hand, you can sense the sheer passion, dedication, and meticulous workmanship poured into each timepiece. Every unit undergoes a rigorous series of quality checks, ruggedness tests, and meticulous finishing, designed to captivate your gaze time and time again. With the exception of the movement, all components of our watches are entirely manufactured in India, meticulously crafted at the finest locations using the highest-quality materials, ensuring the longevity and durability of each Argos watch. We sincerely hope that the watch you choose from Argos becomes a cherished companion on your journey through time.

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Argos Apollo II Men's mechanical watch. Swiss movement. Indian watch brand. Mechanical watch. Manual handwinding movement


With recent changes in the market trends in the last couple of decades since social media has taken over our daily lives, our aim is to offer and present our timepieces direct-to-customer using our online channel and using so eliminating the needs of a margin which is usually kept high that ultimately burns the cash of the customer for not so good reasons. This is also one of the reason why our prices are kept low compared to the offerings of others.

We are connected to all of our users online and we are only one message away if you have any queries about us or our watches. We will gladly help you in every way possible.

Argos Apollo II Men's mechanical watch. Swiss movement. Indian watch brand. Mechanical watch. Manual handwinding movement
Argos Apollo II Men's mechanical watch. Swiss movement. Indian watch brand. Mechanical watch. Manual handwinding movement


We are proud to share that all the parts used in our watch are made in India except for the movement and once manufactured are assembled by talented watchmakers right in front of us. It is a matter of joy for us to have partnered with some of the best manufacturers in horology and provide the users the best quality at this price.

Argos: Bridging the Gap in Mechanical Watches for Enthusiasts and Connoisseurs

At the core of Argos lies a deep-rooted passion for watchmaking. The founders' love for horology permeates every aspect of the brand, from the meticulous design process to the selection of high-quality components. They have assembled a team of skilled artisans and watchmakers who share their vision and bring their expertise to the creation of each Argos timepiece.

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